2018 Board of Directors Election

October 18, 2018 - November, 15, 2018


Exercise Your Rights, VOTE!

As an Owner of the Co+op you have the right to vote for the Board of Directors. Every Ownership number is entitled to one vote. Voting for the 2018 Board of Directors election is open through Thursday, November 15, 2018. To obtain your ballot, stop by the Courtesy Desk at the Co+op. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Board of Directors via email at mountainviewmarketbod@gmail.com.

What is the Board's role?

The board of directors is the legal representative of the owners and is responsible for the overall well being of the Co+op. The board exercises its authority through its relationship with the general manager, whom it hires and monitors. All of the board's expectations and requirements for the GM's performance are stated in the board's written policies. The Board ensures the Co+op's success by making sure that the GM remains in compline with the board's policies.

What The Board Does Not Do

The board does not involve itself in operational details. It does not make decisions about what the Co+op stocks, its personnel (other than the GM), or the color of the walls. The board governs by declaring through its policies the results and the actions it wants the GM to avoid while achieving those results.

Meet Your Candidates

Please take a moment to read about the 2018 Board of Directors candidates. The candidates are presented to you in alphabetical order. Candidate answers have not been altered in any way.

John Gately photo.JPG

Name: John Gately

Describe your involvement with Mountain View Market Co+op: Happy Co-op member and customer, and participant with my family in Co-op community functions like the Anniversary Party, Egg Coloring, and $3 Thurs Dinner.

Describe any volunteer or paid experience that you think will serve you as a board member: Over 8 years experience developing renewable energy systems, direct to public and commercially. Managed large scale projects for the Department of Energy. Versed in state and federal business taxes.

What is, and could be, the Co+op's role in the community?: Objective, reliable source for optimum and natural health solutions and responsible, wholesome, local-driven food. An incubator for positive community growth. No special interests. No hidden agendas.

Provide a brief personal statement to assist Owners as the consider your candidacy: Happily married with three daughters. We believe strongly in eating healthy, natural remedies, supporting local business, practicing sustainability via recycling and homesteading, and respecting all human beings.

MaxMastellone photo.jpg

Name: Max Mastellone

Describe your involvement with Mountain View Market Co+op: Have been a member, patron and supporter for 12 years.

Describe any volunteer or paid experience that you think will serve you as a board member: Co-founded a neighborhood food co-op with a group of friends and neighbors in the Germantown section of Philadelphia in the 1970's. We bought food wholesale and distributed it to members at monthly meetings. All members participated in the process. That co-op lasted several years. Volunteered at Las Cruces Habitat Restore for six years. Had regular interaction with customers, staff and management. Took an innovative approach to my work, offered ideas to improve things to management, brought ides back from other Restore locations visited when traveling. Volunteer member of the Dona Ana County Behavioral Health Collaborative for seven years. Was Treasurer for about three of those years. The Collaborative's role was to make recommendations to the NM Dept. of Health on issues related to the delivery of behavioral health services. Was a volunteer member of the Las Cruces city Block Grant Advisory Committee. Heard community group requests for block grant funds. Made recommendations to City Council. Served on the Board of a neighborhood YMCA in Philadelphia many years ago.

What is, and could be, the Co+op's role in the community?: Aside from the obvious role of providing locally sourced fresh groceries and produce to the broader community, the Co+op offers free meeting space for community groups, classes, producer fairs and has sponsired a farmers market. It goes a long way toward keeping consumer dollars local, thus retaining and increasing community wealth. Clear to me are the financial struggles the Co+op has had in recent years and the drag that reality has upon expanding its role in the community. I do not recall whether the Co+op has queried it's members about what they would like to see from their organization beyond its current footprint. Were there sufficient interest, member committees could be established to explore the feasibility of pursuing new avenues of community service.

Provide a brief personal statement to assist Owners as the consider your candidacy: I am a retired Ph.D. clinical psychologist and life-long social and political activist. I am fully behind making the co-operative business model, in its various forms, the primary model for the US economy. Worker and member control brings democracy into the workplace, and thereby firms up democratic values and policies for the entire society. Problem solving is one of my strong points. I am an independent thinker and excellent synthesizer of ideas. I believe everyone has something to contribute to any undertaking. Top down is not an agreeable approach. If elected to the Board I will dedicate myself to working with the other members to advance the overall heath of the organization and to strengthen it so that it may make an even greater contribution to the community.

There are two candidates for five open seats. Open seats may be filled by appointment, with the term lasting until the next board election. Thank you for participating in your Co+op!