Our Ends

As a result of all we do, we will have systemic inclusivity grounded in a fun, healthy, equitable, and democratic economy reimagined by the people of the desert for whom this is home.

Meeting Minutes


  February [Download]                                                                  January [Download]                                                         


 December [Download]                                                           November 2016 [Download]                                                     October 2016 [Download]
 September 2016 [Download]
 August 2016 [Download]
 July 2016 [Download]
 June 2016 [Download]
 May 2016 [Download]
 April 2016 [Download]
 March 2016 [Download]
 February 2016 [Download]
 January 2016 [Download]


December 2015 [Download]
November 2015 [Download]
October 2015 [Download]
September 2015 [Download]
August 2015 — Board Retreat
July 2015 [Download]
June 2015 [Download]
May 2015 [Download]
April 2015 [Download]
March 2015 [Download]
February 2015 [Download]
January 2015 [Download]


December 2014 [Download]
November 2014 [Download]
October 2014 [Download]
September 2014 [Download]
August 2014 [Download]
June 2014 [Download]
May 2014 [Download]
April 2014 [Download]
February 2014 [Download]
January 2014 [Download]


December 2013 [Download]
November 2013 [Download]
October 2013 [Download]
September 2013 [Download]

Meet the Board

Interim General Manager Nagisa Suzuki
President Theresa Westbrock
Vice President Dael Goodman
Treasurer Siddeeq Shabazz
Employee Board Member Laurence Flores
Xochitl Torres Small
Chris Bardey
Claudia Piper

Contact the board

Each name is linked to their email address!

Upcoming BoD Events

The Board of Directors meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm in the Community Room.

The next Board of Directors meeting is on Wednesday, March 26 at 5:30 pm in the Community Room in Mountain View Market Co+op.

At the start of every board meeting, owners are invited to voice their questions and concerns.