Our Ends

As a result of all we do, we will have systemic inclusivity grounded in a fun, healthy, equitable, and democratic economy reimagined by the people of the desert for whom this is home.

Meeting Minutes


 April [Download]                                                                             March [Download]                                                                       February [Download]                                                                 January [Download]                                                         


 December [Download]                                                           November 2016 [Download]                                                     October 2016 [Download]
 September 2016 [Download]
 August 2016 [Download]
 July 2016 [Download]
 June 2016 [Download]
 May 2016 [Download]
 April 2016 [Download]
 March 2016 [Download]
 February 2016 [Download]
 January 2016 [Download]


December 2015 [Download]
November 2015 [Download]
October 2015 [Download]
September 2015 [Download]
August 2015 — Board Retreat
July 2015 [Download]
June 2015 [Download]
May 2015 [Download]
April 2015 [Download]
March 2015 [Download]
February 2015 [Download]
January 2015 [Download]


December 2014 [Download]
November 2014 [Download]
October 2014 [Download]
September 2014 [Download]
August 2014 [Download]
June 2014 [Download]
May 2014 [Download]
April 2014 [Download]
February 2014 [Download]
January 2014 [Download]


December 2013 [Download]
November 2013 [Download]
October 2013 [Download]
September 2013 [Download]

Meet the Board

Interim General Manager Nagisa Suzuki
President Theresa Westbrock
Vice President Dael Goodman
Treasurer Siddeeq Shabazz
Employee Board Member Laurence Flores
  Xochitl Torres Small
  Claudia Piper

  Chris Bardey - Interim Member                                                     Norm Fristoe - Interim Member

Contact the board

Each name is linked to their email address!

Upcoming BoD Events

The Board of Directors meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm in the Community Room.

At the start of every board meeting, owners are invited to voice their questions and concerns.