Community Room Policies


Any activities taking place in the Community Room must be arranged with the Outreach Coordinator in advance. Completed event applications must be received by the 15th of the previous month in order to be included in our advertising. Instructors are limited to one class per week in order to provide adequate scheduling opportunities for other members of the community. Instructors will be allotted 15 minutes before and after their event for set-up and clean-up.


Community Room users may not use language against Mountain View Market Co+op's products, services, or policies. We prohibit the promotion of competing products. Any instructor who is interested in demonstrating or promoting any product must receive the Outreach Coordinator's approval.


Completed event applications must be received by the 15th of the previous month in order to be included in our advertising. This includes postings to our email list of events (sent to over 4,000 people), social networking sites, online calendar, etc.

We prefer that instructors provide their own flyers, although we can produce a simple flyer for you if necessary. We will post your flyers on our in-store bulletin boards, website, social media, etc. Please email your flyer (in JPG format) to the Outreach Coordinator by the 20th of the month preceding the event. Please do not post your flyer in the Co+op — we will do that for you.


Instructors offering their class for free or those hosting a private meeting will not be charged a room fee. Those who wish to charge a fee for their class are welcome to do so, and will be charged a room fee: $20/hr for Member-Owners, and $25/hr for non-members. It is our policy that Member-Owners are charged at least 20% less than non-members for any classes hosted in our Community Room (for example, if a non-member is charged $10, then a Member-Owner must be charged $8 or less).

For any event charging a fee, the space is not considered reserved until the room fee is paid by check and remitted to the Outreach Coordinator. Please make checks out to Mountain View Market. Any attendee fees charged for the class are to be collected by the class instructor. It is up to the class instructor to bring proper change.


We record the number of people who are educated through various programs at the Co+op, and we will contact instructors after classes to determine the number of attendees. We will not seek any personal information about individuals attending classes, unless they are interested in joining our email list for class updates.


Please contact Corinne Holvick, Outreach Coordinator.

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