Meet Your Candidates

Voting for new Board of Directors members is open from October 7 - November 7, 2017

There are four candidates for five open seats. Please vote for as many of the candidates as you feel are qualified to serve on the board, up to all four. Open seats may be filled by appointment, with the term lasting until the next board election. Thank you for participating in your Co+op!

All current Co+op Owners are entitled to vote in the election for our new Board members. Each Ownership number gets one vote. Ballots are available at the Courtesy Desk in Mountain View Market Co+op. For more information, give us a call us at (575) 523-0436 or email the Board of Directors at: 

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Chris Bardey

1. Why are you interested in serving on the Mountain View Market Co-op Board of Directors? 

 I believe in the Ends and goals of the Co-op, and its mission to promote good food, good company and good health for all. I really enjoyed the 18 or so months that I served on the Board a few years ago, and the last 8 months as I’ve filled in again by appointment - I met wonderful people and learned so much about the local and organic food/health movement, and connected with many wonderful community initiatives because of my involvement with MVM. I also understand that with the still-sluggish economy and increased competition on the scene here, this is a tough period for the Co-op where difficult decisions have to be made to ensure its long-term success.

 2. Describe your involvement with Mountain View Market Co-op.

 I've been a member since moving to Las Cruces from Chicago in 2007. I buy the majority of my food, hygiene and health products here. Before joining the Board in 2011, as a co-founder of the SumArt collective I had worked closely with GM Shahid Mustafa on the monthly outreach events called ‘Co-op Rocks!’, on which we collaborated for almost 2 years.

3. Describe any volunteer or paid experience relevant to serving as a co-op board member.

As a veteran art teacher, I have a lot of experience meeting regularly with a team to address organizational goals and issues. I also have the aforementioned experience serving on the Board. For a couple of years I was the main organizer for SumArt, and for 4 years I served as Director of a cooperative artspace called the West End Art Depot (We.AD), where I curated gallery art exhibits, organized concerts, festivals and fundraisers, and managed private and shared art studios and a classroom space. SumArt and We.AD were essentially volunteer gigs, as the only payment I ever took was to split the assets with co-founder Shaunna Foster when we closed the business. Shaunna and I also formed a Board of Directors for We.AD, of which we were members and I served as Chairman for the last year.

4. What do you see as Mountain View Market’s role in the broader community? 

The Co-op has spearheaded a lot of vital growth and education for the community, first in advocating for and providing local/organic/sustainable food, and second in promoting a cooperative business model with the triple P bottom line. The generosity and community outreach by the Co-op is essential to the quality of life here in the Mesilla Valley. I am essentially pessimistic about the future, considering all the ways we harm the environment and hold each other back - on a national/global scale even more than here in Las Cruces - but the people involved in the Co-op, the staff, directors, and cooperative owners are a beacon of what is possible, and I find that incredibly heartening.

Contact Chris (575) 312-9892 or

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Ron Fitzherbert

1. Describe your involvement with MVM Co+op: 

My primary involvement with the co+op is as an owner, a shopper and an advocate.

2. Describe any volunteer or paid experience that you think will serve you as a board member.

I am currently the VP on the Board of the Foundation for Las Cruces Museums; I recently completed a term on the Board of Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary, the last year as President; my day job is the Risk and Compliance Manager for St. Luke's. In the past I have been involved with other nonprofit boards at the local, national and international level. I've been a retail manager and understand that aspect of the business. I'm somewhat politically active having recently run for the school board and currently making a run for U.S. Congress. I'm also involved locally with the Green Chamber, the Local Emergency Planning Committee and others.

3. What is and could be the Co+op's role in the community?

The role of the co+op is an should be that of a leader in the education and advocacy of local foods, sustainable and organic products and healthy living. The co+op should be a focal point for the community, it is our co+op, we are it and it is us.

4. Provide a brief personal statement to assist owners as they consider your candidacy.

I as a person consume and pollute just be existing, it is my job as a caring human being to make sure that I minimize to the best of my ability how much I do consume and pollute. As the ultimate goal in life should be to "leave no trace" so those who come after us can have the same experiences that we did it is in our best interests to do what we can to not only help ourselves, but to help others in their journey, so we can all minimize the negative impact on the future.

Contact Ron (575) 496-6271 or

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Irene Holguin

1. Describe your involvement with MVM Co+op

 My involvement with MVM Co+op has varied form a shopper to personally getting to know some of the staff members well.  I appreciate those that buy local as much as possible.  I am liking the movement “farm to table” that is getting a lot positive attention nationwide.  The Co+op is a place that can and has encouraged that, and that is why I like to buy produce there.  I worked closely with the marketing team during Earth Day 2017; they were very cooperative and gracious with lending their time and giving us a donation of food for our event. 

2. Describe any volunteer or paid experience that you think will serve you as a board member.

I am currently the Keep Doña Ana County Beautiful coordinator and being in this position has certainly giving me a lot of knowledge that could be used as a board member.  I consider myself a budding environmentalist and know the importance of us as a nation  how we need to make changes in how we buy and grow food. 

3. What is and could be the Co+op's role in the community?

The Co+op’s role could be to encourage, thru education, the City to think more locally when choosing to shop.  I eat whole food plant based meals and those are hard to find in Las Cruces.  I certainly like to eat at the Co+op, but am amazed that a lot of people actually do not know about the buffet.  I would love if my co-workers, family and friends could know thru tasting/eating at the Co+op how healthy food is actually tasty. The Co+op could be more robust in making their healthy buffet known.

4. Provide a brief personal statement to assist owners as they consider your candidacy. 

I love Las Cruces.  I am blessed to have traveled throughout the United States and lived & traveled overseas and can truly say that we live in a beautiful part of the Earth.  I want to help our City grow to be greener.  I want to help educate the City on the importance of recycling, buying local, etc. By becoming a MVM Co+op board member I believe I can be well on my way to achieving not only my goals but those of the Co+op's.

Contact Irene (575) 680-8109


Xochitl Torres Small

1. Describe your involvement with MVM Co+op:

My husband and I are now lifetime members of the Co+op. My parents were part of the Co+op while I was growing up, and some of my first memories are shopping at the Co+op. I have been a board member since early 2016, when I was asked to serve as an interim member. I was elected at last year's annual meeting.

2. Describe any volunteer or paid experience that you think will serve you as a board member.

I also serve on La Semilla's Board of Directors and my experience as an attorney has helped occasionally with board work. Mostly, I think my dedication to the sustainability and inclusivity of Mountain View Market is my biggest contribution to the Board.

3. What is and could be the Co+op's role in the community?

Mountain View Market is a Las Cruces staple for many people--it's a place to be connected to local growers and producers, a place to learn what's going on in the community, and a place to meet new friends and see old friends. I want to be part of making the Co+op a staple for all of Las Cruces, to make it's vibrant, fun atmosphere welcoming and inclusive for all, regardless of income, background, or length in the community. Also, I want it to be economically viable, and to support others--growers, producers, and local entrepreneurs--in their endeavors to enrich our community.

4. Provide a brief personal statement to assist owners as they consider your candidacy.

I know that serving on this Board requires a unique level of commitment, in time, optimism, and vision. I've worked hard this past year and a half to give all I can because I love Mountain View Market and the people who make it what it is: its customers, owners, and employees. We have challenging and exciting times ahead of us and, knowing what's ahead, I want to be part of the future of this Co+op. This place was an essential part of me growing up in this community and remains an integral part of my life now. I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue to serve Mountain View Market.


Contact Xochitl (575) 496-5782 or

The candidates are listed in alphabetical order and that order should not be misinterpreted to indicate preference or qualifications. Please take the time to read over each candidates information before casting your vote.