What is a Green Business?

Have you ever heard the term "sustainable business" or "green business"? Actually, that's a term that can be used to describe the Co+op! Here are some of the thing we do here at Mountain View Market that make us a green business.

  1. We have a triple bottom line. Instead of just focusing on profit like most corporations do, we place the same value on all three bottom lines: People, planet, and profit. That means that unlike other businesses whose only goal is to make money, we aim to be socially and ecologically responsible in all that we do.

  2. We support our employees. From striving to always pay a livable wage, to offering benefits and discounts to our employees, to always working to make our employees feel empowered to affect the way the Co+op is run, we recognize that our employees are more than just cogs in the machine.

  3. We are always working to reduce our carbon footprint. From replacing all of our lightbulbs with longer-lasting sustainable bulbs, to adjusting our plumbing and electric to have the least possible waste, to recycling and encouraging our customers to recycle, we have a million ways that we're always working to make our business more sustainable and model sustainability to our customers and employees. We also offer a wide variety of more environmentally-friendly product options to our customers, making it easy to shop sustainably.

  4. We're improving our community. Through our classes, outreach events, and charitable donations, we want to help the local community grow and develop. We strive to create a place where people feel inspired to learn, grow, and improve themselves and their community.

The best part is that you can support green businesses with very little effort on your part -- all you have to do is shop! By supporting local green businesses with your purchases, you're helping us achieve that triple bottom line, and you're getting some great fresh, local, and organic foods in the process. It's a win-win!