Member-Owner Spotlight: Jeff Steinborn

In order to share our love of community, we want to begin discussing some of the most important reasons why MVM Co+op has made it this far: YOU. We have some incredible individuals who have been a part of our Co+op for many years and we believe that it is time for us to show our love for ya’ll! We have some celebrity Member-Owners, if you didn't already know! Some of them include local and state political figures.


Jeff Steinborn is one of our Dona Ana County State Representatives. Even though he spends a lot of his time in Santa Fe, while he is back home in Las Cruces he is a familiar face here at the Co-op. Jeff often enjoys his fresh vegetable juice here at the MVM Kitchen. I recently spoke with Jeff about his love of the Co-op!

Why do you Co-op?
I like coming to a grocery store that offers organic, fresh, healthy foods. I enjoy the fact that people who work here take ownership of this lifestyle. That helps create more of a sense of community than just a grocery store.

How do you think the Co-op has impacted our community?
Mountain View Market has been involved in supporting many initiatives within our community. MVM directly supported the creation of our local National Monument, as well as the protection of our wilderness lands. These historical events will affect countless generations to come.

How does cooperative model make a difference?
The cooperative model offers a chance for people to invest in an organization, all the while getting something back from their investment. I believe that this is true for staff as well. It's a great model of corporate citizenship that brings a high degree of connectedness to the local community.

What is your favorite thing about being a Member-Owner?
Coming into the Co-op makes you feel good. It's like a big family.

Thank you for your time Jeff!