Straight From the Board: May 2015

by Theresa Westbrock, Treasurer

On Saturday, April 11, the Annual Member Meeting began with an in-store expo highlighting many products including a selection of tasty items from the MVM Kitchen’s new hot bar. Member-owners browsed, shopped, and were greeted by staff and board members at stations around the store who engaged them in conversations about the seven Cooperative Principles. 

As the expo wrapped up, everyone moved into the tent for the Annual Meeting. MVM’s general manager, Shahid Mustafa, opened the meeting with a general report on the Co-op’s activities over the past year, including the many exciting changes resulting from the ongoing renovation and expansion. Theresa Westbrock, treasurer of the board, gave an overview of the Co-op’s financials and budget planning. Paul Heiberger, president of the board, continued with the annual report and focused on the Co-op’s commitment to our six Ends. Member-owners were introduced to this year’s three candidates and the proposed bylaw changes, both which are on the ballot (which is available at the Co-op through May 10 - don’t forget to vote!) 

After the meeting adjourned, we all celebrated the first 40 years of the Co-op with a raffle and birthday cake. It was a wonderful expo and energetic meeting reminding us that there is much to celebrate as we move forward and continue to serve the community.

We would like to extend an enthusiastic thank you to all the member-owners who attended and participated in our 2015 Annual Member Meeting. Your direct participation and ongoing support of MVM and the Cooperative Economic Model is what makes your Co-op work.

We recognize that the member-owners have made possible the landmark achievement of MVM’s 40th year of continuous commitment to our community. We look forward to at least another 40 years of successful investment in the health and wellbeing of our community and economy. None of this is possible without the ongoing commitment to engagement and active participation by member-owners along with the hard work of MVM’s outstanding staff. 

Thanks to each and every one of you for your commitment. 

And, one more special note of thanks to outgoing board members Randy Harris and Caitlin Karrenberg. Their service to the Board and to MVM Market was exceptional. They will be missed!

In cooperation, 

Mountain View Market Board of Directors