Member-Owner Spotlight: Anna Emmerick-Biad & Family

In order to share our love of community, we want to begin discussing some of the most important reasons why MVM has made it this far: YOU. We have some incredible individuals who have been apart of our Co-op for many years and we believe that it is time for us to show our love for you!

In our first installment of our Member-Owner appreciation featurette we would like to show our appreciation for Anna Emmerick-Biad and her family.

Evolution of Eating

Anna remembers a time in her life when she didn’t know what gluten was or about organic foods. Her oldest daughter was beginning to have serious physical and mental health issues. Anna remembers that most of her daughter Sarah's doctors couldn’t offer an explanation or even help with the illnesses other than pharmaceutical medication. Anna and her husband Chris were pretty desperate. They were doing lots of research themselves to help find a cure for their child, who at that time, was so ill that she couldn’t even speak. Anna stumbled across a nutritionist website, where she learned about food allergies and the devastating effects they can have on children. Anna began food allergy testing with her doctor and began the transition to eat gluten-free. Anna and Chris's second child also had food allergies, so they decided that the Paleo diet would be the best fit for their family. The Paleo diet has allowed Anna to heal her family and herself.

"My passion is helping other families find health and wellness for their children, through food and supplements" Anna states. Her long-term goal is to start a non-profit that helps families in our community have access to homeopathic and functional medicine. "I would like to pursue a degree in holistic nutrition and work with children who suffer from Autism, ADHD, ADD, behavioral difficulties, and learning delays".

Co-op Involvement

Anna and Chris were first drawn to the Co-op for organic meat and produce, and they have been Member-Owners ever since. She loves that there are so many organic options at the Co-op, and enjoys how friendly and helpful the MVM staff has been with her specific requests. Anna often takes advantage of the special order options we have for our Member-Owners, and she tries to plan her shopping trips around our twice-monthly Member Appreciation Days. Due to her her own journey, Anna is passionate about educating individuals on how to heal through diet. We are excited to announce that Anna will be teaching a specialty cooking class in our Community Room! Keep an eye on our events calendar for more details!

Anna believes that small businesses are the backbone of our economy nationally and locally and is proud to support our local Co-op. 

Fun fact: Anna is one busy woman! Not only does she have four wonderful kiddos, she still found the time to serve as the treasurer for the last two Susana Martinez gubernatorial campaigns. 

Favorite Family Friendly Paleo Cookbooks

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