Member-Owner Spotlight: Bill McCamley

In order to share our love of community, we want to begin discussing some of the most important reasons why MVM has made it this far: YOU. We have some incredible individuals who have been apart of our Co-op for many years and we believe that it is time for us to show our love for ya’ll! We have some celebrity Member-Owners, if you didn't already know! Some of them include local and state political figures.

Bill McCamley is one of our Dona Ana County State Representatives. Even though he spends most of his time in Santa Fe, while he is back home in Las Cruces he is a familiar face here at the Co-op. Bill often enjoys his lunch here at the MVM Cafe and new Salad Bar. I recently asked Bill a few questions about his love for the Co-op!

Why do you Co-op?
First off, the food is better. But I also like keeping my money local, and am happy that Co-op employees are paid a living wage.

How does the Co-op impact our community from a political standpoint?
It provides a place to not just buy food, but to have conversations on important issues. The Co-op isn't just a store, its a community of people that have a certain mindset about what they want their community to be.

How does Co-op make a difference in your life & community?
The Co-op makes a difference by providing a place to buy good, healthy food, discuss and debate important topics that affect the community, and learn new things through the classes provided.

Favorite thing about being a Member-Owner?
My favorite part is knowing I have a say in how the organization is run.

Thank you for your time, Bill!