Member-Owner Spotlight: Jon Simmons

In order to share our love of community, we want to begin discussing some of the most important reasons why MVM has made it this far: YOU. We have some incredible individuals who have been apart of our Co-op for many years and we believe that it is time for us to show our love for you!

Jon moved to Las Cruces a decade ago, and has been a Co-op Member-Owner ever since. He lives by the adage that “you are what you eat”, and he can trust the quality of what he finds here at MVM. Not only does Jon rely on organic, sustainable foods, he also believes in the importance of community. “There is great importance of people getting together, because we can increase our power”, states Jon. 

Jon is a small business owner here in Las Cruces. He feels that “we are the power” when it comes to consumerism and that where we spend our money is casting our “vote” for what we believe in. His personal business is “The Copier Guy”, and has serviced the office equipment at the Co-op for many years. MVM is definitely a happy customer!

He's a Local Celebrity!

You might recognize Jon Simmons from the SeedShare events here at the Co-op the last few years. Through these events, Jon creates an incredible opportunity for individuals to come together, share knowledge, and share their seeds. SeedShare Las Cruces is a local non-profit  that is lead by Jon. SeedShare isn’t his day job, its his passion and hobby. For more information check out SeedShare Las Cruces! 

Fun Fact: Jon is crazy about our De Smet Raw Millk!