Employee Profile: Eric & Joey

Eric & Joey

Eric & Joey

We take care of our employees, who in turn, take such great care of you! At MVM, we believe in supporting our staff to enable them to live fuller, enriched lives. Our first priority is to pay our staff livable wages, which stimulates our economy and provides a higher quality of life. We believe there are many perks to being a Co-op employee, and aim to keep our staff happy and healthy! We offer paid time off, rewards for biking to work, a free monthly beverage & massage, as well as professional development in various store departments. This is one of the ways that we will show our LOVE for our hard-working and highly appreciated employees; by getting to know them!

Name: uhhhh...Joey
How long have you been employed here: since October 2013
Favorite thing about being a Co-op employee? Probably something cheesy like … "working with my co-workers in the Kitchen," but it’s TRUE!
Favorite department? KITCHEN!!
Before you were hired, what was appealing about working here? I had never really been in the store very many times, but I was genuinely interested in the community products and community involvement.
Favorite Co-op product/item? So Fresh Toothbrush
What is your food personality? All things chicken; and sauce, gotta have a good sauce.. like pesto, peanut, or vegan caesar.
Fun Fact: I enjoy digitally engineering the music of friends.

Name: Moose Lodge a.k.a Eric
How long have you been employed here: A year this February.
Favorite thing about being a Co-op employee? It’s a fun place to work and I enjoy the company of my co-workers!
Favorite department? Grocery.
Before you were hired, what was appealing about working here? I was interested in the organic options and wanted to more familiar with those.
Favorite Co-op product/item? c2o Coconut water. NO PULP.
What is your food personality? Green Chile. Period.
Fun Fact: I am an avid vinyl collector. I have a sentimental collection of over 300 records.

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