Employee Profile: Sierra & Nagisa

We take care of our employees, who in turn, take such great care of you! At MVM, we believe in supporting our staff to enable them to live fuller, enriched lives. Our first priority is to pay our staff livable wages, which stimulates our economy and provides a higher quality of life. We believe there are many perks to being a Co-op employee, and aim to keep our staff happy and healthy! We offer paid time off, rewards for biking to work, a free monthly beverage & massage, as well as professional development in various store departments. This is one of the ways that we will show our LOVE for our hard-working and highly appreciated employees; by getting to know them!

Name: Nagisa Suzuki
How long have you been employed here: Since October 2014
Favorite thing about being a Co-op employee? Everybody cares about each other & a family environment
Favorite department? Deli Cheese! YUM!
Before you were hired, what was appealing about working here? working in a place that allows me to stand by my morals to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to believe in what my company is providing.
Favorite Co-op product/item? Now Rice Snacks
What is your food personality? There's no such thing as too much good food!
Fun Fact: I used to sing in a death metal band in California called The Ballad of Lady Walrus

Name: Mom a.k.a. Sierra
How long have you been employed here: First time employed was in 2005; I returned again in August 2012
Favorite thing about being a Co-op employee? Getting to work with such a diverse staff who love what the Co-op stands for
Favorite department? Kitchen
Before you were hired, what was appealing about working here? I was a Co-op kid, so I have always believed in the values of the Co-op
Favorite Co-op product/item? Local Produce
What is your food personality? Eclectic - prefer to consume organic and if possible local items.
Fun Fact: I was a karaoke DJ for a few years