Employee Profile: Tommy & Ginny

Tommy & Ginny

Tommy & Ginny

We take care of our employees, who in turn, take such great care of you! At MVM, we believe in supporting our staff to enable them to live fuller, enriched lives. Our first priority is to pay our staff livable wages, which stimulates our economy and provides a higher quality of life. We believe there are many perks to being a Co-op employee, and aim to keep our staff happy and healthy! We offer paid time off, rewards for biking to work, a free monthly beverage & massage, as well as professional development in various store departments. This is one of the ways that we will show our LOVE for our hard-working and highly appreciated employees; by getting to know them!

Name: Tommy...with a “y” not “ie”
How long have you been employed here: 1 ½ years; 2 years in august
Favorite thing about being a Co-op employee? Kitchen-wise it would be that I enjoy working with organic ingredients. I like being surrounded by forward thinking people such as my co-workers.
Favorite department? KITCHEN!
Before you were hired, what was appealing about working here? I Grew up around the Co-op and always wanted to be a part of it. 
Favorite Co-op product/item? Grab ‘N’ Go
What is your food personality? Anthony Bourdain
Can you elaborate? We both enjoy a good pint. But mainly the focus on exploring ethnic foods, I’m not afraid of interesting textures or flavors. I enjoy trying new things and look forward to incorporating them into my recipes.
Fun Fact: Worked as a teppanyaki chef; I have a cooking video on YouTube

Name: Me? Ginny!
How long have you been employed here: 3-ish months
Favorite thing about being a Co-op employee? Helping to support not just organic and local foods, but also the cooperative model.
Favorite department? Marketing
Before you were hired, what was appealing about working here? It seemed like a place where everyone’s individuality was embraced instead of suppressed.
Favorite Co-op product/item? I like the fresh homemade soups that we have every day
What is your food personality? If it doesn’t make me sick, I think its delicous. What I really mean is that I am not picky, unless I hate it. 
Fun Fact: I speak 14 languages and I am a compulsive liar.
....Hmmm, I think you might be fibbing!

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