We Co-operate! Spotlight: Gold Medal Taekwondo

Community and Cooperation is what sets Mountain View Market apart from other local grocers. Our community appreciation and involvement is unparalleled and we aren't afraid to say it! Our We Co-operate! program is just one of the ways that we demonstrate our commitment to local. We Co-operate! participating businesses offer discounts to Co-op Member-Owners. We are going to be featuring many of the We Co-operate! businesses in upcoming blog posts in order to show our love for CO-mmunity and CO-operation! For a full list of businesses participating in the program, click here.

Marcy Shoberg, owner of Gold Medal Taekwondo, has been a Co-op Member-Owner since 2010. Master Marcy Shoberg began studying taekwondo in 1982. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Internationally Certified Taekwondo Sparring Referee. She is also the author of forthcoming books on Taekwondo, teaching self-defense, and eating health food. The aim at Gold Medal is to “improve lives through sport, tradition and self-defense”. She believes that she offers a positive outlet in our community. She believes that Taekwondo “increase students self-esteem, especially in the case of those who suffer from bullying issues”.

One of the Cooperative principles she identifies with most is Autonomy and Independence/Self-Sufficiency. This direct ties in with taking care of the individuals body and mind, similar to martial arts practices. Marcy is also concerned with diet and healthy eating. She is also a member of “Food First Way”, a group of individuals who create health through diet and martial arts.

Who: Master Marcy Shoberg, Gold Medal Taekwondo

What: Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Hapkido

Co-op Member-Owner Discount: Half-price for the first month of a new member

For more information contact: (575) 526-4429