We Co-operate! Spotlight: Prime of Life

                                                             Delia Gaskins

                                                             Delia Gaskins

Community and Cooperation is what sets Mountain View Market apart from other local grocers. Our community appreciation and involvement is unparalleled and we aren't afraid to say it! Our We Co-operate! program is just one of the ways that we demonstrate our commitment to local. We Co-operate! participating businesses offer discounts to Co-op Member-Owners. We are going to be featuring many of the We Co-operate! businesses in upcoming blog posts in order to show our love for CO-mmunity and CO-operation! For a full list of businesses participating in the program, click here.

Prime of Life is a locally owned and operated business that has been providing their services since 2002. Delia Gaskins, who is a board certified Naturopath, is the co-owner, along with her husband Norbert. She is a Master Herbalist and a Certified Natural Health Professional that specializes in the field of nutritional consultation and health assessment. Dr. Delia Gaskins assists her clients in making changes in their lives through diet, lifestyle, and health supplements. Dr. Gaskins' clients often benefit from her services by obtaining "weight loss, better cardiovascular health, increased energy and improved sleep patterns". 

"By making dietary changes; using natural supplements such as vitamins, minerals, organic herbs; and applying  healthy lifestyle practices, clients are able to obtain optimum health and improved quality of life".

Who: Dr. Delia Gaskins, ND, MH, CNHP
What: Prime of Life
Co-op Member-Owner Discount: 5% off Services
For more information contact: 
1100 South Main, Suite 1
Las Cruces, NM