We Co-operate Spotlight: Creative Harmony

Community and Cooperation is what sets Mountain View Market apart from other local grocers. Our community appreciation and involvement is unparalleled and we aren't afraid to say it! Our We Co-operate! program is just one of the ways that we demonstrate our commitment to local. We Co-operate! participating businesses offer discounts to Co-op Member-Owners. We are going to be featuring many of the We Co-operate! businesses in upcoming blog posts in order to show our love for CO-mmunity and CO-operation! For a full list of businesses participating in the program, click here.


How long have you owned your business? What do you specialize in?
For 13 years I offered my creations at the downtown Farmers and Crafts market and also the Mesilla Mercado. I sold my hand-made tie-dye, sewn fashions, weaving, jewelry and greeting cards. This November it will be 3 years since I quit both markets and opened my store. First the store started as an art gallery featuring local artists, plus my hand-made items. Then, a year ago, I changed my store's focus to selling my own watercolor paintings, my craft items, and to include a thrift boutique. I also do Tarot readings here.

What Cooperative principles do you identify with most?
I very much identify with cooperation and community.  I think it is also very important that the Co+op continues to  educate our community on farming, wellness and healthy cooking. Educating people about alternatives that are more helpful to the environment as well as to their health is how the Co+op continues to better our community. For a number of years I offered Tarot readings inside the MVM café, and that greatly affected my personal sense of community.

How has the Co+op helped you build your business?
I have utilized the community board for many years. It really helps small business owners to network in that way. I have often met new clients while I am at the Co+op. It was very beneficial for me to be able to do my Tarot readings at the Co+op years ago. That really helped me with gaining clients.

How long have you been a member?
This will be my last year of equity payments, so I am about to be a Lifetime Member!

Who: Creative Harmony: Linda  Marlena Carr
What: Gallery, Gifts, Thrift Boutique and Tarot Readings
Where:  220 N. Campo St., Las Cruces, NM  
(575)312-3040 ; Tues-Sat 12-5 or by appointment