We Co-operate Spotlight: Blue Zia Creative Group

Community and Cooperation is what sets Mountain View Market apart from other local grocers. Our community appreciation and involvement is unparalleled and we aren't afraid to say it! Our We Co-operate! program is just one of the ways that we demonstrate our commitment to local. We Co-operate! participating businesses offer discounts to Co-op Member-Owners. We are going to be featuring many of the We Co-operate! businesses in upcoming blog posts in order to show our love for CO-mmunity and CO-operation! For a full list of businesses participating in the program, click here.

Tell me about your business and what you specialize in? 
Created by Tina Ballew and Erynn McConnell, Blue Zia Creative Group is a team of graphic designers and professionals that focus on design services for Las Cruces and New Mexico.  We specialize on branding, print and web graphics for local business, small business and non-profits.

How do you think your services impact our community?  
We really want to give small business the thriving chance to succeed in this economy and to have a presence in the community.   Also, throughout our careers we have noticed that people usually outsource their design needs to businesses that are out of state. I have also noticed that designers feel like they have to move to a bigger city to find work. So, we want to encourage a relationship between local designers and local businesses.  The "think local" perspective is something that we identify with, and carry out through our design and business. 

What Cooperative principles do you identify with most
Our business model was actually inspired by the Co+op!  Definitely community and cooperation. It's hard to translate that through graphic design and advertising but we strive to stay mindful of the Las Cruces Community.  Most importantly we want to build lasting relationships with the people we interact with, they are not just another file on the desk.

How do you support other local businesses? 
For us, we want to help the best way we know how. Through design. When you have a visual brand people trust, that can potentially give you more business. We really want to give the Mom and Pop shops a chance against bigger corporations.  If they have an unforgettable and well designed menu, sign, package or logo, people will remember them and if that can bring another person into the door, then we have done our job!

Mother McCaul's is a project we are very excited about. Trish McCaul, Wellness Manager at MVM, embodies the kind of organizations we really want to work for. She puts her heart and soul into all of her products. We wanted to give her a new visual brand that would reflect her love for what she does. We designed the logo to represent how she makes great products completely by hand, with all natural ingredients. We chose the colors to show the diversity of her products and the texture to show how her brand has a "tried and true" quality; reminiscent of an old family recipe. We look forward to seeing the new packaging on the shelves at the Co+op!

Who: Christina Ballew Co-Creator, Creative Director and Designer
What: Blue Zia Creative Group - Design for local and non-profit
Where: Blue Zia Creative Group
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