We Co-operate Spotlight: Transformational Light Designs

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Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with the owner of Transformational Light Designs, Dawn Cheney. Dawn is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Energetic Healer/Teacher, Intuitive/Channel, Psychic Reader, Transformational Counselor and Reverend. She offers transformational spiritual counseling, Reiki energetic healing and instruction, as well as psychic readings.

When did you realize that this was your calling?

In 1994 I had a spiritual awakening that put me through a “spiritual kick in the butt”.  My journey began when I found myself in a new age part of Cincinnati looking for a calendar that showed lunar cycles and had no idea why I was looking for it.  I just knew I needed it.  And that was the beginning for me. I was exposed to the people and classes that would open the door to energetic healing. I also discovered that I was a Psychic Channel, and that I had actually been one all my life!  

How do you feel that your services impact the community?

I currently volunteer at Mountain View Medical Center in the Therapy Services area, plus I do energetic healing on the animals at Animal Service Center of Mesilla Valley, and Safe Haven.  I always look forward to the possibility of incorporating my knowledge and experience to help where needed. 

How do you help your clients?

I feel that my services help people to ‘wake up’ in a sense. My goal is to assist in, as many ways as possible, be it for finding their own journey, or understanding how things fit together in their lives. I think it’s important for people to understand that what they are experiencing isn’t unusual at all. It’s actually part of  “the process” of learning about them at a deeper level. I help people get back to the basics so they can learn how to find out whom they are inside.  I also feel it’s important that I help to expand clients' awareness by providing tools and information that enable them to continue their journey their way.  

How has the Co+op been supported you on your journey?

The Co+op provided me with a place to begin my business here in Las Cruces by doing Psychic Readings in the cafeteria twice a month.  It was great to build my own community. It was helpful and useful when I used to come.  The Co+op has been where I turn to when I need something natural, or to find other information. They allow people to put flyers up and in-turn, let the community know who we each are! 
The Co+op is a venue in which to be seen and to be given the opportunity to be who you are!


She couldn’t have said it better!

Check out her website, awakeningdesigns.com complete with videos, art gallery and blog.
She is also offering free 15 minute readings for July and August!

Who: Dawn Cheney - Reiki Master/Teacher and Energetic Healer/Teacher, Intuitive/Channel, Psychic Reader
What: Transformational psychic readings, energetic healings and spiritual counseling
Co-op Member-Owner Discount: Contact Dawn for Details (575) 520-6591