Welcome Our New Kitchen Manager!

Lisa boxing up a made-to-order sandwich in the kitchen.

Lisa boxing up a made-to-order sandwich in the kitchen.

We’re thrilled to announce that we have a new Kitchen manager: Lisa Acker! I sat down with Lisa to talk about her experiences in the kitchen, and what she has planned for the future.

Lisa started at the Co+op in early May. She has more than eleven years of experience in management at a big box retail store, but her cooking experience comes mostly from her own kitchen. “I love experimenting with food,” she says. “I love doing it at home, and now I have so many more people to experiment on!”

I was curious what sort of experiments she had planned, and she revealed that she’s eager to revamp the weekend brunch hot bar menu. She wants to make brunch more flexible, so whether you’re looking for a pastry to go with your coffee or a full meal, there’s something here for you. “I want to include a lot more bakery stuff,” she says. Right now, she’s considering apple fritters, scones, and cinnamon rolls.

When I asked Lisa why she loved working in the kitchen, she had a lot of reasons. “It’s high energy,” she says, “and it changes every day!” The kitchen is a challenge, she tells me, and she loves a challenge. Her favorite thing about the kitchen? “Trying new recipes,” she says immediately.

Since our hot bar menu changes every month, she’ll have plenty of room to experiment and try cooking new things. Make sure to stop by the hot bar this month and try one of Lisa’s new experiments – you won’t regret it!