We Co-operate! Spotlight: Stephanie Sweet Tarot

Community and Cooperation is what sets Mountain View Market apart from other local grocers. Our community appreciation and involvement is unparalleled and we aren't afraid to say it! Our We Co-operate! program is just one of the ways that we demonstrate our commitment to local. We Co-operate! participating businesses offer discounts to Co-op Member-Owners. We are going to be featuring many of the We Co-operate! businesses in upcoming blog posts in order to show our love for CO-mmunity and CO-operation! For a full list of businesses participating in the program, click here.

Tell me about your business and what you specialize in?
My name is Stephanie Sweet and I have been reading and studying Tarot Cards for over 20 years now. I offer Tarot Reading services Face-to-­Face to the local Las Cruces area. I also offer Tarot services via Email and Chat for the local community as well as my out­ of town/country clients. I offer many types of readings including, but not limited to: Career, Love, Decisions, Life Purpose, Chakras, Happiness, and Relocation. I read the cards in accordance to the Four Elements of Nature: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

I specialize in helping my clients determine and understand the"blockages" or "challenges" that are prevalent within them (whether past, present, or future) that are preventing or hindering FLOW within their Life (be it at work, within a relationship, or even just pertaining to their general state of happiness and fulfillment, etc.) Elemental Readings with Life Path cards as well as Couple's Life Path Elemental (romantic, sibling, parent/child, friends) are two of my very favorite readings to perform and definitely a specialty of mine. Life Path cards are determined via Numerology in relation to the client's birthdate. Life Path cards tell you what your Soul's journey or purpose is in this lifetime. They help you to understand the patterns of your life and remind you of your GREATER PURPOSE. They also tell you the lessons that you are supposed to be learning in this lifetime in order to self ­transform and metamorphose as an energetic being.

How do you think your services impact our community? 

My services impact our community by bringing a sense of Truth, Guidance, and Clarity to my clients, which in turn brings them a greater sense of peace, happiness, and flow to their existence. When my clients feel peace, happiness, and flow within their Energetic Being, they will then radiate Positive Energy outwards to all those around them which will in turn bring more feelings of peace, happiness, and flow to everyone in general. Many people in the community can be affected by the trickle down effect of just one happier person.

What Cooperative principles do you identify with most? 
I identify with the Co­Op's principal "emphasis on wholesome, high-quality natural foods, while working to educate consumers about foods and nutrition and to promote local and organic products and producers." I feel that most of the food on the shelves of the majority of US supermarkets is pure poison, filled with chemicals galore. I also feel that eating these toxic foods (and many things that are not even "real" food...soda, pop tarts...) is also the cause of many sicknesses and so called "disorders" that are affecting many people, old and young within our country. It is so important to me, personally, that my family and I (especially since I had my son who is now a year and a half) eat Organic, Non­GMO, Local food (and I mean "real" food; fruits and vegetables mainly). I hope that more and more people over time decide to take control of their health and start eating "real" food. Thankfully there are places like Mountain View Co­Op around offering such beautiful Organic, Non­GMO, and often Local foods.

How do you support other local businesses?
I try and buy from small and local businesses (including the Farmer's Market) as much as possible. I would much rather give my money to the people of this community then put it all in the BIG POCKET of some Corporate Millionaire. We need to take care of each other. This is a small community and we are all neighbors.