Cooking with Quince

Fresh-picked quince!

Fresh-picked quince!

If you stop by the Co+op this week, you might notice an unusual fruit in our produce section! Quince is the cousin of apples and pears, but unlike those sweet, snackable fruits, it requires some work to bring out its delicious flavor. We have it at the Co+op now for $2.99/lb. If you've never cooked with quince before, here's the crash course!

"Poaching quince in liquid with sugar is the best way to bring them into their finest," writes Faith Durand, executive editor of The Kitchn. "They need some added sweetness, and this also is a two-for-one deal, because you not only get beautifully cooked fruit but an aromatic syrup, too, that is good for many things around the kitchen."

If you're one of the many Co+op shoppers looking to reduce your sugar intake, you might try substituting other sweeteners when you poach quince. We'd love to hear how your experiments turn out - let us know in the comments!


And of course, you can spice up your recipe with other flavors depending on what sort of final product you're interested in. "I love a few coins of fresh ginger slipped into the poaching liquid, complementing the sweet fruit with a spicy kick," writes Durand. "Quince also goes very well with pork and savory fall dishes, so try flavoring it with a sprig of rosemary in anticipation of draping a few slices over pork tenderloin and mashed turnips." 

Are you quince-convinced? Try out some of these great quince recipes to take advantage of this unique fruit:

Happy quince-ing!