Proposed By-Law Change

Are you a Member-Owner? If so, you're invited to the 2016 Annual Member Meeting, where you can get up-to-date on the Co+op's performance over the last year, vote in new Board of Directors members, and cast your vote on proposed changes to the by-laws! (Oh, and eat cake! Can't forget the cake.)

The meeting is Saturday, April 2, so mark your calendars, and read up on this year's proposed change to the by-laws so you can be an informed voter!

(Interested in being on the Board? We're taking applications for new Board members right now! Grab a printed application at the Courtesy Desk, or fill it out online here.)

Proposed By-Law Change

Organ Mountain Cooperative dba Mountain View Market
As Amended April 11, 2015

Article I. Membership

H. Meetings of the Members

Annual Meeting. Members of the Cooperative shall have an annual business meeting to be held in April October of each year. Meeting notices including the date, time, place, and tentative agenda shall be mailed to each Member at her/his last known address at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. A Final Agenda shall be posted in the store at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting. Discussion items may be added to the Final Agenda, but items requiring a Member vote must be included in the meeting notice mailed to each Member.

The Board of Directors asks Member-Owners to approve this Bylaw change for four reasons:

  • October is National Co-op Month.
  • Many other local events happen in April, and it has proven difficult to schedule another large gathering then.
  • Summer is the Co-op’s slower time, so it is much easier for staff to plan the meeting then, rather than in winter when the Co-op is much busier.
  • Under the proposed by-law change, new board members will take office on December 1, just in time for CBL 101 — Foundations for Board Leadership. The annual regional January meeting in Albuquerque provides a strong foundation for understanding cooperative principles, values and history, legal roles and responsibilities, cooperative governance, and financial understanding using the balance sheet.