Changing Owner Benefits


Mountain View Market Co+op is pleased to announce all-new Owner benefits beginning January 1, 2018 .The new benefits outlined below will replace the current Owner benefits package at the Co+op. We've listened to our Owners and shoppers, and after many meetings and lots of consideration, we are excited to roll out our new Owner benefits! We hope that these new benefits make Ownership better for our current Owners and make ownership more enticing for yet-to-be owners.


Our current benefits include two Owner Appreciation Days (OAD). These days are on the first and third Thursday of each month wherein every Co+op Owner can save 5% on their total purchase of non-sale, non-clearance items. Sure two discount days are better than one, but many of our Owners can’t make it out to the Co+op on OADs. With our new Choose-Your-Own Owner Appreciation Day, you get to choose the day that’s best for you every month! Plus you’ll save 10% on your purchase, not too shabby, right?


Currently our Owners get 5% off on special orders in bulk quantity everyday and 10% off on Owner Appreciation Days. Now, Owners can save 10% on every bulk quantity special order, every single day! Stock up on essentials that you use all the time like toothpaste, canned foods, dried pasta, frozen veggies, bathroom tissue and more! Plus now you don’t have to wait for an Owner Appreciation Day to place you order for maximum savings. When you order case packs, every day is a discount day!


This benefit is for our new yet-to-be Owners. Mountain View Market Co+op stays strong because of the support of our shoppers, but more importantly, because of the support of our owners. To say thank you to our new Owners, now when you sign-up for Co+op ownership, you’ll get 10% off your total purchase right then and there. It’s like an extra Owner Appreciation Day!


Owner Extras will be taking the place of our current Owner Sales. Our new Owner Extras are sales on some of our most popular products and exciting new products. These sales will last for the entire calendar quarter so you can plan on saving big with these awesome deals for three months at a time. Our Owner Extras will feature seasonal sales, so expect to see savings on things like sunblock and BBQ essentials in the summer; teas, soups and other cold-weather staples in the winter.


In addition to these new benefits of Co+op ownership, Owners will continue to receive:

VOTING RIGHTS - Our Co+op is a democratically run business. Each Owner has the right to vote for the Board of Directors during their annual elections. Owners may also run for the Board of Directors. 

FREE OR DISCOUNTED CLASSES - Co+op Owners receive either free class admission or at 20% off the cost of classes in our Community Room. Additionally, Owners receive a discount when booking our Community Room. Host your next class, meeting or group at the Co+op for the Owner’s price of just $7.00 per session.

EXCLUSIVE COUPONS - Get extra savings with Owner-exclusive coupons and save up 25% off on selected goods and merchandise.

LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERSHIP - Every Owner of the Co+op that has paid in their complete $200 in equity payments is a full share owner of a local business!

PATRONAGE REBATE - During years that the Co+op makes a profit, a percentage of that profit goes back into the store and a percentage is shared with our Owners.

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We hope that these new benefits are as exciting to our Owners as they are to us. If you have questions or comments about our changing Owner benefits, please reach out to us. Let us know what you think via email:, give us a call at (575) 523-0436 or fill out a comment card the next time you're in the store.

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