Big Changes in the Kitchen

We are excited (and a little nervous) to announce a big change that will be happening at the Mountain View Market cafe. Beginning on April 1, 2017 we will no longer be offering made to order sandwiches in the cafe. Nobody panic just yet. That’s not to say that we won’t be doing sandwiches at all, we’re just going to be changing the format. 

Over the years, we have heard and read customer comments and complaints regarding the cafe. The two most common complaints have been the very long wait times and inconsistencies with the sandwiches. We want to provide our diners and shoppers with the best experience and highest quality that we can. As a result, we have decided to end our made to order sandwich program to focus our attention on one of the areas that we know you love - the Grab and Go case. I know that this is disappointing to some of our diners, but in doing away with the custom sandwiches, we can focus our attentions on other areas. As the saying goes, play to your strength. After a lot of consideration we have decided to play to our greater strength and focus our attentions on the Grab and Go case.

We will still be making healthy, tasty sandwiches, they’ll just be ready to go. No more waiting for your sandwich to be prepared! In addition to ready-made sandwiches we’ll be keeping the case stocked with sides like our famous made-from-scratch hummus, cold prepared salads, wraps, tamales and more. 

Our Grab and Go cooler will now be stocked with our Basics and Signature sandwiches. Basic sandwiches will be value priced at $3.99 - $4.99 and will include favorites like:

  • turkey and swiss
  • Sunbutter and jam
  •  tempeh, lettuce and tomato
  • ham and cheddar
  • salami and provolone
  • and classic tuna salad

Our Signature sandwiches will feature the Korean BBQ tempeh wrap, turkey club, hummus wrap and the Italian cold cut sandwich. Both lines of sandwiches will have new, exciting options coming in the following months. 

In addition to the Basics and Signature sandwiches, we are excited to announce that there will also be a Sandwich of the Month! Each month there will be a new sandwich offered in the Grab and Go case that will be an exclusive for one month only. April’s Sandwich of the Month will be the classic Tuna on Rye! Our Tuna on Rye will be prepared with gluten-free Canyon Bakehouse rye bread, made-from-scratch tuna salad and garnished with fresh, organic tomato, lettuce and onion. Our Sandwich of the Month will change every month, so if you have have a suggestion we would love to hear from you!We will always have freshly made sandwiches and sides to fit dietary needs and restrictions- so rest assured that there will be vegan and gluten-free options. And without the interruptions in the kitchen, we will be able to focus our attentions on always keeping the case fully stocked and filled with the foods you love. Soon we will be able to spend more time preparing the Grab and Go favorites that you’ve been asking we stock more often like the New Mexico chicken salad, cabbage cashew salad, vegan puddings and sweet potatoes with brown rice.

In addition to the sandwiches and sides that will be always available in the Grab and Go case, we will also be able to focus more attention on keeping the hot bar and salad bar fresh and topped off all day, every day. Our fresh juice and smoothie bar will remain open so that you can still get a freshly prepared drink to perk up your day.

We know that this news will be disappointing to some, but overall this will be a positive change. We are working everyday to improve your Co+op. If you have questions or comments about this change or ideas for ways that we can make your experience better, please reach out to us. Our kitchen co-ordinator, Steph, can be reached in-store or via email at