Straight From the Board - Fourth Quarter 2018

Gratitude and ¡Gracias! 

The Co+op celebrated the “end” of summer with what’s quickly become a favorite, local event highlighting all that’s good about Las Cruces: the annual Co+op block party. Featuring locally grown and crafted food, wine, and beer; locally made products and crafts; and locally inspired and supported social-profits, musicians, poets, and storytellers. All of which were on display Saturday, August 11 to the delight of our diverse, creative, and co-operative community.

Staff members at the 3rd Annual Block Party

Staff members at the 3rd Annual Block Party

Thanks to all of you who turned out to make this year’s block party the biggest and best one yet! A special shout out to Michael-Ray Vallejos (Grocery Purchasing Coordinator), and Board of Directors members Chris Bardey and Irene Holguin who led the effort to create a full day of diverse, tasty, and fun-filled events.

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Hello fall, farewell summer

Many of us think of fall as a season of change and reflection; a time marked by harvest, cooler temps, and back to school busyness. A time to roll up our sleeves and see what we can get done before the holidays.

The Co+op has been going through changes all year: making improvements to the look and feel of the store; adapting to the “new kid” in town; wishing-well and welcoming new and returning member-owners, students, staff members, and board members; making room for even more local products (300+ and counting); and finding ways to serve even more food and create even more seating for the hundreds of new and old faces that have been gathering Thursday evenings at the Co+op for the $3 community dinners.

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Get on Board!

With the autumnal spirit in mind (think self-cultivation), the Co+op has invited its member-owners to make a run for it. Literally. Run for the board! Learn – and share what you know – about governance, setting policy, alternative economic models, democracy, cooperation, and strategic planning and visioning. If you’ve ever thought you’d like to enhance your leadership skills, this may be your ticket to making that a reality. (Or perhaps you know an owner that could use a nudge in that direction?) The deadline for submitting an application has passed, but this should not stop you from inquiring about the hows and whats. Stop by the customer service desk or send an email to the board at:

 If voting is more your style than running, make sure to participate in the annual owner meeting on Thursday, October 19, 2018, from 7PM-8 PM. No tricks, all treats, including free samples, giveaways, snacks, local brews and wine, live music, and most importantly – brief statements from the general manager, members of the board, and owners running for open board seats.

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You provide the opportunity for cooperation

Remember, the MVM Co+op is your Co+op! Unlike any other grocery store in town, your community has been investing in the Co+op for more than four decades, and the Co+op has been investing in you for just as long. Every dollar you spend at the Co+op is a dollar spent on our community. No other business model can give you that kind of return. No other business model lives and dies by democracy at work. There are millions of very good reasons that co-ops are one of the most sustainable, popular, and fast-growing businesses in the world, and they all being with YOU.

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With Appreciation

You may feel like there’s not much you can do to make the world a better place. But you can, and you do, with every penny you put toward a Co+op purchase! Your dollars not only buy you good food and healthy products, but they help support our local farmers, crafters, producers, healers, social profits (think Round Up), schools, families, green spaces, and more.

Perhaps most importantly, your dollars demonstrate your commitment to and appreciation for co-op values. And if there was ever a time when self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity were needed, now is that time.

In cooperation and ¡Adelante!

Mountain View Market Co+op Board of Directors