Unique Gifts at Your Co+op

Beautiful and thoughtful gifts are available every day at Mountain View Market Co+op.

Beautiful and thoughtful gifts are available every day at Mountain View Market Co+op.

When you think about holiday gifts, do you think about the Co+op? It might be time to start.

With organic, fair trade, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable goods down every aisle, there’s something for everyone. Our gift guide is sure to leave you feeling merry and bright!

Wow Them With Wellness

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Gifts We Love

Weaving for Justice

A Mayan women’s fair trade weaving cooperative located in Chiapas, Mexico. Weavers use traditional looms to craft purses and coin purses with traditional designs. Cooperative members also embroider beautiful floral motifs on headbands, tortilla warmers and cotton tops. In addition to woven and embroidered goods, be on the look out for needle felted wool soft toys like stuffed turtle toys and nursing mother dolls.

Weaving for Justice pays the weavers and embroiderers a fair trade wage for their works. The money made on the sale of goods helps the women support their families and creates education opportunities for students to continue their education past the sixth grade. Learn more http://weaving-for-justice.org/

Big dipper wax works

Crafted in Portland, Oregon, Big Dipper Wax Works crafts their hand-poured candles in small batches with a 100% beeswax base and their wicks are 100% cotton and primed with wax, not paraffin like other candle companies, for a clean-burning candle that produces almost no soot. This mix creates a clean-burning candle. Big Dipper Wax Works candles are produced with filtered beeswax and their aromatherapy scented candles are crafted with pure essential oils produced with either heat steam distillation or cold-press methods.

In addition to the traditional tapers pictured above, look for fun and funky Buddha heads, honeycomb patterned pillars and sugar skulls. We also stock a variety of their votives and aromatherapy candles. Check in often to see what’s new as we are increasing our selection of Big Dipper candles in the weeks to come. Learn more www.bigdipperwaxworks.com

Sandia Soap Company

Sandia Soap Company was founded in 1999 in Albuquerque, New Mexico after company founder Christopher Norton created an olive oil-based soap that created a great lather and left skin feeling clean, smooth and soft. Today Sandia Soap produces over 11 tons of soap per year and Christopher still mixes and pours each one!

Each generous six-ounce bar is crafted with saponified palm kernel, palm, olive and soybean oils. Bars are scented with pure essential oils and given their unique mix of colors with cosmetic-grade colorants or plain and simple ground coffee. Fragrances are beautiful and many are unisex like our favorites Santa Fe Sage, Madrid Moondance and Jemez Morning. Kids (and kids at heart) love their Watermelon Mountain soap. Learn more www.sandiasoap.com

Foodie Celebration

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Gifts We Love

Local love

New Mexico is chock-full of unique companies producing delicious foods. From our world famous green chile to vegan, gluten-free candy bars, we’ve got a lot of good stuff. Put together an assortment of your favorite local foods for the foodie in your life.

  • New Mexico Pinon Coffee pairs beautifully with a bag of Way Out West cookies; add a cute mug and you’re gift ready.

  • Spice up their life with an assortment of local salsas and sauces. We love 505 Southwestern Queso, Ol’ Gringo Gourmet Green Chile Sauce and Mountain View Market Co+op’s very own house brand salsa. Add a bag of La Primera Tortilla Chips and you’re set!

  • Sun Mountain Honey is loved far and wide, and comes in a delicious assortment of all-natural blends and flavors. Select a variety of blends for your favorite natural sweets lover and be sure to include their Red Hot Blend for a sweet and spicy kick!

For the Sweet tooth

  • Chocolate is high in heart health antioxidants and delicious to boot! Pick out a selection of chocolate bars at your Co+op for the chocoholic in your life. Grab up some fancy-pants selections from Green & Black’s or get a tasty (and affordable) variety of bars from Chocolove.

  • A beautiful basket of cookies is always a welcome gift. Surprise someone special with cookies from Pamela’s or Maxine’s Heavenly - they’re gluten-free and still super tasty.

fancy foodie

  • Create a themed basket with goodies from around the world. Pick up a group of Mediterranean favorites including dolmas, olives and organic pasta for an international treat.

  • Get their new favorite favorite sauce at the Co+op. Unusual condiments are always fun for the foodie in your life. We love Old Pecos Foods’ Green Chile Mustard and Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce.

Small Gifts for All

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quick gifts

Everyone loves getting a little gift from their friends and the ones they love. Teachers, postal carriers, your children’s babysitter - even your boss - would appreciate a little gift this time of the year.

  • For the person in your life that could use a little “me time”, pick up a trio of trial size masks from Andalou Naturals for a self care spa night.

  • In a hurry? Grab a Weleda Shine Bright Holiday Travel Essentials gift pack containing their famous Skin Food moisturizer, Arnica Massage Oil, Sea Buckthorn Body Wash and a full size Everon Lip Balm in a cotton travel pouch.

  • Bring your host a party tray from New Mexico Pecan with flavored, chocolate- and yogurt-covered pecans from Southern New Mexico. New Mexico Pecan party trays are available in two sizes, so no matter how big or small the shindig, you’ll be the star.

  • Pets are family too! We love gifting our feline friends locally-made catnip-stuffed chili pepper cat toys and Churru creamy puree treats (our cats go nuts for these treats). Canine companions love Jones rawhide chews. Or mix and match a custom selection of bulk dog treats for your four-legged friend.

  • You can’t go wrong with Co+op gift certificates. Available in any denomination; they’re excellent for folks who are a little picky or hard to shop for.

  • Essential oil diffusers make beautiful gifts for folks that could use a little aromatherapy in their life. Your gift recipient will love being able to mix and match essential oils to suit their mood.

  • Did you get something particularly excellent this year? Send your gratitude with a card by local artist Caroline Clark. We love her humorous “Yucca Hairstyles” card!

  • Co+op ownership! Hook up your friends and family with the gift of small business ownership. For just $20.00 per year, Co+op owners save more every day, get awesome discounts and co-own a local business. Learn more about ownership or join online here.

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