Straight From the Board - Second Quarter 2018

yellow flowers.jpg

Spring is in the air as I sit down and collect my thoughts on this cool March morning. New buds and fragrant blooms of renewal, change, place. We are witness to how the land and its cycle reflect processes both beyond our control and resulting from our efforts.

As a gardener, I delight in possibilities. Every day is a micro experiment in the macro experiment we call LIFE. What will happen if I do this? What will happen if I don't?

As an owner of the Co+op, you too are engaged in gardening of a sort. By becoming an owner, you join the thousands of other owners who have helped grow what we know today as the Mountain View Market Co+op. And the Co+op is still nourishing the community thanks to your care and support!


How did this "community co-op garden" grow more than forty years ago? It's a remarkable thing. Think of it! The community came together to satisfy a need: healthy food. Folks just like us united to meet a common goal, and together they planted the seeds of co-operation. These seeds have held within each resilient husk certain co-operative values and principles, which like anything we care about (ourselves, our family, our friends, our plants, our health, our pets) requires care and attention. Howe marvelous that more than forty years later, we are still working that co-operative soil and planting the seeds of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, and solidarity; as well as honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others - because good work is too good ever to walk from.

Indeed, now more than ever the co-operative principles - how the Co+op puts the values listed above into practice - deserves our championing.


Voluntary and Open Membership

The Co+op is open to all persons willing to accept the responsibilities of membership

Democratic Member Control

The Co+op is guided by the policies and decisions of its owners

Member Economic Participation

The Co+op depends upon your patronage and investment in membership to further evolve the Co+op and support community activities

Autonomy and Independence

The Co+op answers only to its owners

Education, Training and Information

The Co+op is only as good as its ability to spread the seeds of co-operation

Co-operation Among Co-operatives

The Co+op co-operates with other co-ops.

Concern for the Community

The Co+op is much more than a good food store; the Co+op is committed to doing and being good for its community.

There's much that we can't control, but we can contribute, each in our own way, to making our community a better place. We can put our money where our heart is, here in our community, for the benefit of our community, and all of the local growers and crafters, and healers, and entrepreneurs and artists that sell their fruits, vegetables, prayer flags, incense, salves, tinctures, soaps, fish, beef, bread, cookies, honey, beans, nuts... who rely on our co-operation to thrive.

So, as you celebrate springtime in the Chihuahuan desert, take a moment to enjoy the fruits of your labor and rejoice in your role in furthering co-operation and values and principles that make the co-operatives one of the most sustainable, popular and fast-growing business in the world.

With Great appreciation and co-operation,

Dael Goodman, MVM Co+op Board President