Straight From the Board - Third Quarter 2018

 June 11, 2018

Chris Bardey, Board Secretary

Greetings from the Board of Directors (BoD), and thank you – for being you, for shopping local, for investing a little time to read this and for investing your dollars in your own health and the health of our community. In this edition: What’s new around the store; Board members moving on and up; and gearing up for the Annual Owner Meeting and Board of Directors Election.


This quarter has been a busy one at the Co+op. Undoubtedly you’ve noticed the improvements all around us. Natural wood treatments from local craftsman Daniel Aguilera provide some warmth and elegance as you enter the store. Check out the bread rack and bulk trail mix bar, and the back wall paneling, which will soon carry a map highlighting information about our local and regional producers!  The 7 Cooperative Principles are alive and well at Mountain View Market - #4 is Autonomy and Independence, which we develop in ourselves and the community when we source projects such as these locally; and #5, Education, Training and Information, a principle to which the national chain stores can only give lip service, while Co+ops like ours naturally work hard to inform and educate the community about healthy, local options for their food and wellness needs.

General Manager Nagisa and Marketing Coordinator Corinne have pepped up store signage with attractive sectional wall labels, ceiling hangers, and attention-grabbing stickers declaring “NM Local” so we know where to find the products that most directly benefit our Mesilla Valley and the local region. The Produce section is bursting with vegetable and fruit options, many at more competitive prices, and on the other side of the store the Bulk section also got a reset and expansion. It’s a great time to be a Co+op owner, and maybe bring in a friend who has never shopped here (or hasn’t in a while) to show them all that’s new and unique!

The Co+op team kicked off the first Three Dollar Dinner on June 14th. Taking place every Thursday from 5:00 to 8:00PM, anyone can come in for a tasty, filling meal for only $3.00! Nagisa explained the motivation this way: “Our Co+op for a few years has had to primarily focus on surviving. We have worked hard to ensure our retail operations were strong so that we could compete in this new market. However, the foundation of the Co+op is built on community and people. We felt that this Three Dollar Dinner, that many other Co+ops have started, is a great way to bring people together.” We’re so excited to be able to boldly enact Cooperative Principle #7, Concern for Community, in such a direct way – with affordable meals for all-comers.


Unfortunately, the Board said farewell to two valuable members recently. Xochitl Torres Small served from January 2016 to April of this year, and Siddeeq Shabazz was with us from June 2014 to this May. We heartily thank them for their dedication and service to the Co+op, and wish them the best.


And lastly, we’re excited to announce this year’s Get on Board campaign! We are inviting passionate Co+op owners to apply for the Board of Directors, to be voted on by the ownership at the 2018 Annual Owner Meeting held in early October.  We encourage interested individuals to attend the public input portion of a monthly BoD meeting (which is in the first 10 to 15 minutes of the meeting) on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6PM in the Community Room, and/or contact us at 

If you have a passion for the Co+op and time and skills to share in its service, please consider a run for the Board. My three years on the Board so far have taught me invaluable lessons in professionalism, communication, and teamwork. 

I’m humbled by the talented and good-hearted people of the Co+op team. Board of Directors candidates must be Co+op owners in good standing, and fill out a Candidate Packet, available at the Courtesy Desk in the Co+op or on the Board page of the website at The deadline for submitting the candidate packet will be Sept. 20, 2018.