Co+op Salad Bar News


Starting on June 3, 2019, the salad bar at Mountain View Market Co-op is EBT eligible.

In an effort to make more good food available for more people, we have created a system within the store to make the salad bar part of our EBT eligible products.

Any person with EBT may use their benefits to purchase a fresh and healthy salad with the greens, veggies, proteins, toppings, and house-made dressings they choose. If a diner would like salad bar and hot bar, the cold food and hot food must be put in two containers so that we may apply the benefits to the salad, as hot prepared food is not EBT eligible. If salad and hot bar are mixed, we must ring up the purchase as non-EBT eligible and the diner will be responsible for buying their meal with another form of payment.

To help reduce waste, diners may bring their own containers - just stop by any register and ask an employee to get the tare weight on the vessel before filling them up with food.

For more information, please call the store at (575) 523-0436 or email us at