Who Are We & What Do We Do

The Board of Directors represents the ownership of the cooperative, and we provide oversight for the vision, direction, financial well-being and legal status of the Organ Mountain Cooperative dba Mountain View Market Co+op.

Our By-laws call for nine directors to make up the board, including at least one store employee. The Board meets every fourth Wednesday of the month at 6 pm in the Community Room, and the meetings are open to all Co+op owners.

Our work mostly consists of hiring and monitoring the performance of the General Manager, who is our only real point of contact with the operations of the business. We also monitor our own adherence to policy, split up our work among committees such as Owner Outreach and Board Development, attend community functions, develop our governance capacity through training and conferences, and find creative ways to support and celebrate the staff and management of the Co+op.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can run for the Board and when are elections held?

Any Co+op owner in good standing may run for the Board. Elections are held each year beginning at the Annual Meeting in October and are finalized 30 days later.

How long is a term on the Board?

Directors serve for 3-year terms.

What is the time requirement?

Our by-laws state that among the qualifications to be a director, one must “commit sufficient time to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position.” Time spent on Board duties will vary, but in general: the monthly meeting is about two hours; reading materials and preparing reports for the meeting can take around four hours per month, and attending special events and meeting with a committee can add a couple more hours per month; so 8 - 12 hours per month is a good estimate.

Is there an expected financial contribution to be a Director, or is the position compensated?

Mountain View Market does not expect a financial contribution from Directors, and in fact, compensates them with a 15% discount on all non-sale items.

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Duties & Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

From the by-laws, revised 2016

  1. Hire and fire the General Manager and determine the General Manager’s salary and benefits.

  2. Become acquainted with and act in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, policies, and agreements of the Cooperative.

  3. Be authorized to act on any financial matters, including but not limited to pricing, policy, membership capital, investments in stock, equipment, property and debt repayment.

  4. Be authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the Membership.

  5. Require the performance of an annual audit.

  6. Make reports to the Membership at membership meetings.

  7. A copy of the minutes of Board meetings will be posted in the store, to include the time and place of the next meeting.

  8. Appoint task groups and/or committees with committee officers when necessary, providing duties, methods of reporting and terms of service. Committee officers may be removed and replaced by the Board at any time whenever the best interests of the Cooperative would thereby be best served.

  9. Review financial statements, file all tax forms and prepare the annual budget.

  10. Set long and short-term goals for the Cooperative.

  11. Develop objectives on the basis of membership input.

  12. Seek out membership opinion. Be responsive to the feelings of the Members.

  13. May delegate the preceding responsibilities to committees, professional consultants, or the General Manager.