In the interest of developing more opportunities to participate in the cooperative process, Mountain View Market Co+op has a Buying Club program. Harkening back to the buying club started by health-conscious NMSU students in 1975 (that later evolved into Mountain View Market Co+op), the Buying Club program allows members to take advantage of the store's buying power by offering better savings through bulk purchases from our wholesale distributors.

Who can participate in the buying club program?

Individuals, families, groups, teams, non-profits, organizations, businesses - basically everyone! The program is open to nearly all that apply. One need not be a co-op owner to take advantage of this program. The annual fee is $25, and is separate from individual membership. Buying Club orders cannot be recorded to an individual member number. Due to the discounted price of purchase orders, Buying Clubs are non-equity members and are not eligible for patronage dividends.

What are the savings?

There are two levels of pricing, based on the wholesale costs of the products ordered:

  • Orders of $250-499.99 wholesale (approximately $375-750 retail) will be charged 15% over the catalog wholesale prices.

  • Orders over $500 wholesale (approximately $759 retail) will be charged 10% over the catalog wholesale prices.

How does the program work?

Orders are placed at the Customer Service Desk. Items that are temporarily out of stock will be reordered. If an item is discontinued or no longer available through our suppliers, we can help you try to find an alternative product as a replacement.

Orders must be for full cases or whatever minimum is required by the distributor. 

A deposit of approximately 50% is required when the order is placed, and you will be charged the remaining amount when you pick up your order.

We will notify you when your order has arrived and is ready for pickup.