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Our Produce Department stocks a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. We work with local farmers to get the very best produce for the very best price. We strive to only stock either certified organic or locally-grown fresh fruits and veggies. We are proud to offer the very best seasonal produce available. It's like the farmer's market, but open every day!

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Refrigerated Grocery

Visit the Refrigerated Grocery department for all your milk, meat and cheeses- both dairy and vegan. We are proud to be the only retailer in Southern New Mexico of De Smet raw milk, and Saddle Back Ranch raw milk, as well as a great selection of pasteurized dairy milks. We have coconut, almond, soy, and cashew milks available as well, and a wide variety of dairy-free yogurts too.  Check out the Refrigerated Grocery department for a sumptuous selection of meats and cheeses - again, also available with vegan options. We've got the great foods you'll love to serve to your friends and family. Stop in and check out our great everyday low prices on the most popular items like Thousand Hills grass fed beef, Smart Chicken non-GMO chicken and Organic Valley milk to keep your fridge full and you save money.

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See our Grocery Department for great deals on everyday staples, like pasta and soup, and for more exotic, hard-to-find foods too. The Grocery Department is stocked with wholesome, nutritious foods that are sure to please. We carry a wide variety of specialty foods for shoppers with special dietary needs, dietary restrictions and allergies. In addition to the pantry staples you need everyday, shop our aisles for locally-produced products to make authentic New Mexican cuisine, specialty baking supplies like gluten-free flour or whole vanilla pods, and a great selection of chips and snacks for a special treat. Look for Field Day brand products to save the most on everyday organic essentials like canned beans, peanut butter and pasta.

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We stock a wide variety of coffees (including local varieties), dried fruit, nuts, beans, grains, and flours to keep your pantry full. Buying in bulk saves money to keep your wallet full too! On average bulk foods cost about 20% less than their pre-packaged counterparts and have almost no packaging- that's a win for the environment! We are proud to carry a wide selection of bulk herbs and spices to help take your next meal to the next level. And buying in bulk means you only have to buy exactly what you need, so if you're looking to create a special recipe, you won't have to buy a whole container of a spice or ingredient that you'll only need a few times, and that helps to cut down on food waste. Saving money, saving the planet- win-win!

Be green and be sure to bring your own container the next time you come in to stock up. Just be sure to stop by the registers to get a tare weight on your vessel.

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Our Wellness department is fully stocked with all of the supplements, vitamins and probiotics you rely on to stay healthy. Visit us to pick up your daily vitamins and minerals as well as specialty products like homeopathic remedies, protein powders, and fitness supplements. Our Wellness staff is fully trained to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

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Health & Beauty

Visit the Health & Beauty department to check out our great selection of personal care items. From oral care to body wash, shampoos and conditioners, bulk shea butter, sunscreen, bug spray, feminine hygiene, natural cosmetics, and more - we have exactly what you need. You can feel good knowing that everything that we stock in our Health & Beauty department is paraben-free and is never tested on animals.

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Round out your trip to the Co+op with a stop at the kitchen. Order a freshly made juice or smoothie at the counter to start your day off right. Come by for lunch and try something delicious at our hot bar; add a salad to make your meal complete. In a hurry? Stop by our Grab-N-Go deli case for freshly prepared sandwiches, wraps and sides. Or get a hot cup of soup or fresh coffee to warm you up on chilly days. All of our foods are made in-house from scratch using the best ingredients. Check out the hot bar menu online to see what we're serving up this week.

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