Grocery Coordinator

Job Description

PURPOSE:  To purchase for the Grocery Department encompassing dry grocery, refrigerated grocery, deli cheese, frozen foods, bread, meat, bulk and household. The Grocery Coordinator is accountable for ensuring maximum sales performance and bottom line profitability through merchandising, purchasing and close inventory and financial controls. The Grocery Coordinator is responsible for maintaining department margin goals and will oversee all departments with the help of the Grocery Assistant. Ensure that the top priority in the Grocery department is prompt, friendly and courteous customer service.

STATUS: Reports to Store Purchasing Manager

SCHEDULED HOURS: Full-time, 30-40 hours per week. Must be available for nights and weekends.

Essential Functions


  1. Purchase from national and regional distributors.

  2. Purchase and negotiate pricing from local producers and vendors.

  3. Negotiate with suppliers for favorable prices, terms, quality, and delivery.

  4. Evaluate suppliers and investigate new sources of supply.  Make recommendations for adding new suppliers or products.

  5. Purchasing should be within weekly budget. Weekly Purchasing budget summaries need to be turned in every Tuesday by email to GM.

  6. Upon receiving product, the product should be thoroughly checked for quality. Any product of poor quality should be addressed with the supplier promptly.

  7. Receive and process department shipments/deliveries.  Coordinate returns and credits from suppliers. Review invoices for accuracy, break into inventory categories, and forward to proper department according to procedures.  

    1. This procedure ensures that invoices are paid on time and maintains our qualification for timely payment discounts. It also ensures our records are accurate and maintains positive vendor relations and credit worthiness.  

      1. Invoice initialed and dated by the employee approving it.

      2. Invoice dated the day the invoice is approved and within three days of buyer approving it, submitted to: Co-POS office if it contains product that will be inventoried or sold through the point of sale (POS) system; or Business Office if it is item that will not be inventoried or sold through POS, e.g., store supplies, utility bills, maintenance, repairs, etc.

      3. Invoice must identify the total invoice charges, with charges to each relevant department broken out separately. Department totals must add up to the invoice total.  If tax is not included in department totals, the invoice's tax is added proportionately to each department.

  8. Determine proper price mark-up based on department and store goals. Conduct monthly reviews of department margins to determine if adjustments are necessary. If necessary, adjust prices higher during lower sales quarters and lower during high sales quarters keeping in mind that the goal is not to make drastic shifts in prices, only minor ones.

  9. Ensure accurate price records for all items by checking item prices on invoices. Make price adjustments and notify POS Coordinator if needed.  Following established guidelines to reduce losses or move slow sellers.

  10. Assist in inventory counts and update par sheets and order forms.  Utilize inventory and par sheets for purchasing.

  11. Maintain adequate inventory levels. Organize and rotate inventory to ensure the proper and timely use of perishable items.

  12. Assist in planning, purchasing and merchandising for holidays and special events.

  13. Completely monthly new item selections and Co-op deal commitments before the required deadline (See NCG Website).

  14. Complete holiday commitments before the required deadline.

  15. Par sheets should be utilized and updated on a regular basis.

  16. Order deadlines must be met on time. Late or missed orders will result in disciplinary action.

Managing Sales & Labor:

  1. Run regular sales and shrink reports.  Generate, adjust and maintain par sheets based on sales and shrink reports.

    1. Keep an eye on items that are going out of date soon or we have excess of. Create sales, markdowns, and specials to help more that product before it spoils.

    2. Expiration dates on perishable products should be checked on a daily basis.

    3. Manage and track all transfers from departments. Address any unreasonable transfers promptly.

  2. Generate task lists to provide direction and prioritization to others working on the team/department.

  3. Complete monthly price comparisons and price changes.

  4. Monitor and maintain department goals such as for margins and out-of-stocks. Ensure that sales/labor goals are met.

  5. Regularly attend and actively participate in weekly Open Book Management (OBM) meetings.  

  6. Assist in training and coaching support staff in work performance and customer service following established training standards.

  7. Respond to customer feedback and comment cards according to established protocol.

  8. Participate in regular meetings with Store Purchasing Manager.

Merchandising & Promotions:

  1. Provide monthly sales information (via the spreadsheet) to the Marketing Coordinator. These sales sheets need to be completed by the 15th of each month. Failure to meet this deadline will result in disciplinary action.

  2. Delegate the planning of attractive displays, endcap building and off-shelf displays to the Grocery Assistant.

  3. Ensure accurate, up-to-date shelf tags and price labels for all items including monthly sale items.

  4. Provide product information to customers and staff.

  5. Attend meetings to plan promotions and storewide merchandising.

  6. Stay current on trends in natural products industry by reading industry publications.

  7. Work with the Marketing Coordinator to utilize social media and online marketing channels to promote department’s products.


  1. Perform other tasks assigned by management.

  2. All above listed tasks should be completed by the Grocery Coordinator unless previously delegated to the Grocery Assistant.

  3. Ensure annual performance evaluations are done for the Grocery Assistant and that all related training is completed for the Grocery Assistant to compete their tasks.


  • Demonstrated ability to meet the expectations of the MVM Customer Service Job Description including no outstanding disciplinary issues or policy violations (e.g., attendance and punctuality in accord with policy).

  • Previous retail experience in specific department.

  • Knowledge of natural foods industry.

  • Experience serving the public with demonstrated customer service skills and abilities.

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate directly, objectively and respectfully.

  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and work with minimal supervision.

  • Demonstrated acceptance of responsibility and accountability.

  • Strong interest in department products.

  • Organized—pays attention to detail.

  • Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments.

  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple demands.

  • Able to lift 50 lbs.

  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule (evenings/weekends/weekdays).

  • Previous experience with purchasing, budgeting, and margins preferred.

  • Demonstrated ability to lead a team and hold their team accountable.

  • Demonstrate leadership skills. Follow the necessary procedures to address disciplinary issues.

  • Experience in performance evaluations/conduct warnings preferred.